Sunday, May 24, 2009

3 years from now ganito padin kaya ako? :))

Since school is just around the corner and well I will be a junior this coming semester it suddenly hit me that sooner or later I have to give up my childish acts think more maturely and well be boring. Usually when friends/parents ask me "ano bang balak mo pagka graduate mo?" I'll just answer with a mischevious grin and tell them "yumaman hahaha nako matagal pa naman yun". So normaly they have a perception that I'm not really serious in creating my life ahead of me and well I can't really blame them but now miraculously i'm blogging about my plans/future. hahaha baka naman kasi isipin nila wala ako kahit anong pangarap.

Anyway since I'm taking up a hospitality course which is B.S tourism (which i know have a bad impression and loads of discrimination) I have quite many career opportunities. and I narrowed it down to three. I maybe either join the:

*airline industry
*hotel industry
*cruise industry (may pagkaimposible dahil may takot ako sa shipwrecks)
and after examining the pro's and con's of each I find it really hard which path I'll pursue.

This is my choice well I really like to apply as a flight attendant and work for japan airlines it is what can be regarded as my dream job but I know it so d*mn hard to be accepted here :)) butas ng karayom ang kailangan pagdaanan and according to sources the company prefers experienced applicants oh no! 0.o well my parents are rooting for Philippine Airlines but well it's not that I dislike or anything but it will always remain as my second option (ang kapal ng mukha hahaha) at kung mahirap mag apply sa JAL mas mahirap sa PAL hahaha sabi nila artista search daw? I really wantedto work at an airline company but it seems like im under qualified -.-

here are the qualifications for PAL :

Females must be single; at least 5'2 1/2 in height (preferably 5'3' and above)
With good visual impact and pleasing personality (patay talo ako pagdating dito XD)
Weight must be proportionate to height
With clear complexion and good set of teeth (panget ngipin ko naka braces hehe)
Must be a college graduate
Must have excellent command of English and Filipino
Preferably knows how to swim

Then again if I failed to enter either of the companies I'll just resort to the hotel industry but my parents restrain me from doing so I don't know why but based on the experiences of my cousin its really fun working on a hotel especially if you're getting tips from filthy rich customers the only problem is you have to endure long hours of work especially if you're on the graveyard shift and also the temper and anger of some ungrateful customers -.- sheesh..the hotels that I want to apply to are the following: Hyatt Regency Manila, Sofitel (formerly Westin Phil plaza)Pan Pacific Manila. o cge mangangarap na talaga ako Manila hotel :)) as much as possible I want to work in a hotel with a goodname but goodname=5stars=so much formality :( so maybe I'll just resort to 3-4 star hotels along the metro shucks formality kills me >.<

Lastly gusto ko na din magsolo at tumira magisa pagka graduate ko para feel na feel ko talaga ang aking independence watda :))

gusto ko pa sana magaral e kahit anong english course kaya lang mukang ma popostpone muna yun haha magiipon muna ko XD ang sarap mangarap :)) lalo na at libre. Haay ang hirap mamili lalo na pag under qualified kaya mas masarap maging free lancer :)

Friday, May 22, 2009


Confusion like a great wild fire it spreads, ranging,angry no it can't be constrained; it will not give up that easily without a fight. As my battle with confusion continues I have no idea what are the pro's and con's of my actions based on my prejudiced decisions. I am searching, seeking for someone- my saving grace are you still there?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

whimsical thoughts

Panda's curious mind asks:

Does DISTANCE really makes the heart grow APART?

Sunday, May 17, 2009

my top 5 *drools*

Out of the stillness of the night in the solace of my room and particulary out of boredom a spontenous idea sparked off my mind and I decided to blog about my latest crushes *grin* *blush*

and so...

Ladies and Gentlemen here are the top 5 cutest guys and gals in my eyes for the year 2009 (this is in order)
1. Matsumoto Jun

First on my list is japanese actor Matsumoto Jun, I first saw him on the japanese version of the famous meteor garden/boys over flowers = hana yori dango. Admittedly I did'nt find him that appealing when I first saw him because his hair is curled in the series and no offense but i hate curly hair especially on men but children are exempted because they look like cute little cherubins when their hair is curled.

Anyway isn't he cute*giggles* I really like boys who look like girls or are feminine looking and matsumoto jun clearly has that quality so he's no.1 on my list.

2. Agyness Deyn
Spell hot and I'll blurt out britain's hottest property agyness deyn's nameXD saw her in the fashion channel my cousin and I are watching and I was really captivated with her rebellious angsty boyish look.Besides that she models for designer brands such as burberry,armani,paul smith and shiseido (google search XD)

aside from being a top model she's also doing vocals in a band called the lucky knitwear thus making her much much more hotter :))

3. Tamaki Hiroshi
3rd on my list is another japanese actor Tamaki Hiroshi well many of you might recognize him because he plays the role of the brilliant slightly mysterious and very strict music student in Nodame Cantabile series and that's where he caught my attention. Well let's just say that he fits some of the qualities that I find quite lovely in a guys such as mysterious,talented,quiet and slightly snob :)

4. Eun Hye

She plays the quirky and cute barista in the famous coffee prince series, honestly I find her more attractive with her hair chopped off like this than when she have long stressses in princess hours where she played an instant princess because of fixed marriage.

Well I find her quite a darling because girls who look innocently cute even though their hair are chopped off like a boy's turns me on XD and well how I wish that I would look damn cute like her if I tried chopping my locks that short too.

5. Wallace Huo

Well just look at his nonchalant,serious and annoyingly handsome good looks and that explains why he's my fifth anyway I don't have that much info on him all I know is he's a taiwanese actor and he first caught my attention on the taiwanese dramas a promise of love in the dolphin bay and west side story.

That's it they are the apples of my eye for the moment of course there are the untouchables (john lloyd cruz,sib sibulo) which inevitably will always be on my top list :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

If I were a BOY lalalala...

gusto mo ba akong maging boypren? *lol* ayan oh basahin mo ganyan ako kung naging lalake ako hahaha :))

sarbey stolen :)) from roz :)
1.on your first date, would you do your first move?
> oo, bobolabolahin ko muna saka ko gagawan ng "da moves"haha..
2. would you kiss her on your first date?
> sa cheek pero kung game siya smack sa lips :)
3. would you hug her?
> oo sweet ako e diba itlog? :)
4. would you listen to her?
> of course, kahit mag nag pa siya i'll still listen
5. will you make her cry?
> NO.pero di naman maiiwasan un.
6. will you accept her of who she is?
> oo naman :)

7. are you faithful enough to stand for her?
> yep di ko siya iiwanan oha oha

8. lolokohin mo ba siya?
> kung nakikipaglaro siya lolokohin ko din all's fair in love and war *lol* pero kung seryoso syempre hinde.

9. gagaguhin mo ba siya?
> hinde,nanloloko lang ako pero mas masama un nang gagago :))

10. iinintindihin mo ba siya?
>oo, susubukan,pipilitin hahaha...

11. mamadaliin mo ba siya?
> hindi, i will respect her no matter what pero wag naman un sobrang tagal(joke)
12. mamahalin mo ba siya ng todo?
13. iiyakan mo ba siya?
> oo kung mahal mo talaga at nasaktan ka bakit mo pipigilin baka magkasakit pa ko sa puso hehe..

14. will you treat her like your own?
> ANAK? 0.o incest ba *lmao*
15. respect her?
> of course.abot langit pa :)
16. will you cheat?
> aahm ayoko magsalita ng tapos.NO pero mapagmahal ako e tsk haha hinde NO talaga promise.
17. madali ka ba magsawa?
> aaminin ko OO :( un ang masaklap kaya dapat palaging exciting XD

18. are you willing to sacrifice your life?
> oo kung kailangan huwaw

19. will she be your inspiration?
> HAHAHA OP KORS inspiration hinde desperation :)
20. message for her:
> oi ILOVEYOU!!!!!! *gulong panda*

Second Part.
1. Saang exclusive school ka mag aaral? Bakit?
- exclusive?boo walang girls science school sana para maganda wahaha.cge don bosco na lng :))

2. Taga saang eskuwelahan ang girlfriend mo? Bakit?
- PLM haha brainy girls turn me on XD
3. Anong gagawin mo na hindi mo magawa pag babae ka?
- lalabas ng walang t-shirt wahaha ang inet eh

4. Anong gagawin mo pag Valentine's Day?
- makikipagdate..manlalandi...mangroromansa XD
5. Umiiyak ka ba?
- Oo pero hindi madalas

6. Palaaway ka ba?
- pag inaabuso o nababstos lang :D
7. Pano ka manamit? Hip hopper ba or rocker?
- nyay i hate labels.depende alamko naman kung anong bagay saken e

8. Anong tipo mo sa babae?
- brainy,cute,may sense of humor at pasensyosa oks na oks na :)

9. Chickboy ka ba?
-OP KORS tinatanong pa ba un wahaha..

10. Torpe ka ba?
- hindi tsss ayoko maunahan :P

11. Anong hairstyle mo?
- F4 style wahaha hinde ung parang bagong gising lang gnun
12. Sa first date mo, san mo dadalhin yung babae at anong gagawin niyo?
-sa kahit anong theme park at maglalaro kami buong araw o kaya sa kahit anong desserted pero magandang lugar para makapagusap kami at makilala ko siya ng lubusan *rape na!*wahaha
13. Anong pananaw mo sa lalake ang gusto mong mabago?
- aah mayayabang? tsss hindi na un mababago nature na nila yun
14. Magdadala ka ba ng date sa batch night/prom/ball mo? Kung oo pano mo siya tatanungin?
- Oo. ganito ko siya tatanungin: uy may date ka na? alam ko wala pa hehe pwedeng ako na lang tapos yung mata ko puppy dog eyes nagpapacute wahaha
15. Isasayaw mo ba siya o hayaang umupo ng 4 na oras?
- Magsasayaw kami!kaya nga niyaya ko siya e pero kung ayaw niya ok lang din mas romantic magsolo XD
16. Anong gagawin mo pag sinabihan kang bakla?
- hahalikan ko siya right away!bakla pala ah wahahaha...

17. Sport o banda?
- both.pero mas inclined sa music
18. Anong ayaw mo sa babae?
- feeler.di ko naman type nagpapansin pa din un mga gnon
19. Matalino ka o petix sa school?
- matalino pero petiks :))

20. Anong itsura ng barkada mo?
- mga mukang bum at walang pakialam kagaya ko hahaha

gulong panda

As of May 13,2009 at exactly 1:43 am im again an official panda!hurray! *clapping of hands with stomping of feet*
I'll always be a loyal panda at heart!
I love you love you panda! :)

Friday, May 8, 2009

an open letter to a rolling egg

hey!yeah you I know sooner or later you're gonna read this,I'm really not the confronting type of person so I resorted to blogging because I don't have the guts to tell you personally the reasons on why I've been acting weird,different and irritating this past few days. The first reason for that is boredom yeah you read it right boredom kills and as both of us knows I'm stuck here in the house with nothing good/productive thing to do and you're attending to your OJT maybe I'm just envious towards your daily routines/activities so I force myself to you even if you're too busy or at leisure time with your new found friends I know it's evil but I used to fight you so that you'll notice me (it's pathetic i know.)

Second is that I feel left out yes, this is the answer to your questions on why I clam up everytime you mention or talk about your co-OJT'S I don't know what to react or say because I don't know them personally as a result my responses to you are lame and curt OK's because I think If I don't reply a single word or sound you'll get mad and think I'm not interested or something.Another thing that bothers me that happens almost everytime we talk on the phone is that there are lots of distractions come on!it's really irritating you and I both know that our time talking on the phone is very limited but always there will be someone that will talk to you when they can for a fact see that you're talking on the phone really it's very RUDE. What sucks more is that I'm jealous towards him seriously I am pissed when you had drinking session with HIM I just pretended that I don't care.

Third is I know that after your daily routines you are tired so I don't disturb you as much as I want to not as much as before :( and more often than not when we text each other you always sleep on me I feel like you are not that interested in keeping in touch with me.

As a result I feel useless and unwanted, I hate this phase that we are going through right now I hate that were going through this separately I hope we can surpass this.

Now you're seeing and discovering the other side of me the shadowed one I know it's not easy to comply with a person like me, I hope you can still bear with my impatience,moodswings and rudeness.

I'm sorry for my short comings and craziness this past few days ILOVEYOU :(

Thursday, May 7, 2009

miss youuuuuu!!!!

Things that i really miss:
*my panda
*panda kisses
*panda hugs
*panda porn (lmao)
*panda smile/laugh
*my UST friends
*my "special friends"
*plm friends :))
*dorm mates
*PLM :))
*SM Manila
*pasay XD
*kwek kwek
*siomai rice
*c2/pulpy orange
*yosi (joke ^_^)
*no curfew days
*dating days :((
*manila zoo
*national museum
*shogun :))
*educ building/carpark
ang dami kong namimiss i swear ngayong pasukanbabawi ako rawrrr :))

north vs. south grabbed from jenna :))

Are you northern or southern raised?when i read this from my friend's blog I could'nt help but giggle I don't really know if its true haha so without her knowing I grabbed it XD *evil laugh*

so here it goes just be the judge of your own actions *lmao*

The difference between North and South Boys.

ang north boy, kung gusto ka, liligawan ka..
ang south boy, hindi mo alam, nililigawan kana pala..

ang north boy, crush siya ng barkada mo..
ang south boy, gustong maka-tambay ng barkada mo..

ang north boy, liligawan pati nanay mo..
ang south boy, babarkadahin ang nanay mo..

ang north boy, tahimik at polite pag kasama ang pamilya mo..
ang south boy, makwento at masigla kapag kasama ang pamilya mo..

ang north boy, first-date ninyo sa nakaka-impress na restaurant..
ang south boy, first-date niyo ay movie tapos coffee..

ang north boy, bongga mag regalo..
ang south boy, simple pero meaningful ang ireregalo..

ang north boy, sasama sayo at sa barkada mo..
ang south boy, isasama ka sa barkada niya..

The Difference between North and South Girls.

ang north girl tahimikang
south girl bombastic

ang north girl stick to one
ang south girl.... sticky

ang north girl okay kasama sa mallang
south girl mas okay kasama sa party places

sa north girl, kuya ang turing nila sa mga close nilang lalakisa
south girl, pare ang turing nila sa mga close nilang lalaki

ang north girl, pagdating ng 12mn: guys it's late
ang south girl, pagdating ng 12mn: guys sorry i'm late

ang north girl game sa mga activities
ang south girl mas game sa mga dares

ang north girl di mo lam kung oo or hindi ang sagot sa guy na nanliligaw
ang south, basted kung basted

ang north girl inoorder mga cocktail drinksang
south girl inoorder ay beer

ang north girl di papayagan sa overnight
ang south girl di na nagpapaalam pag nagoovernight

ang north girl mas mahirap i-date
ang south girl, kwek kwek lang okay na!

ang north girl, may probability na strict ang parents
ang south girl, most of the time game ang parents

ang north girl ayaw ng walang plano
ang south girl spontaneous

which do you prefer? XD