Tuesday, October 26, 2010

inside my DUH mind

you know what I really missed writing. I missed the days were paper, pen and thoughts were my best friends. Seems as though this passion for writing is slowly slipping out of my hands, Honestly it has been an effort for me to even construct sensible sentences. This is no ordinary writer's block i'm telling you my mind has been very stagnant from the last semester until now. I miss my curiosity my drive to learn every bits and pieces of information that stimulates my mind to function. Maybe Sylvia Plath is right If you invest so much effort and time in honing just one skill you will lose interest on the rest.

What will happen to my dream to:
become an articulate writer?
become fluent in Nihongo?
to be a discreet dancer XD
become somebody someday

this is so depressing

Friday, September 10, 2010

no other

Senbazuru 千羽鶴

legend says that if you folded 1,000 paper cranes you’ll be granted one wish by a crane

It's been hell yeah months since I've updated this blog and yeah my life has experienced many twists and turns that are left unpublished since then but I believe there are reasons for that as cliche as they say some things are better left unsaid.. ohhh ohh ohhh demmit I've been trapped in the trance of the song no other by suju LOL anyway what's new with me? I'm really happy at how the Lord makes me realize things well at first I never wanted to take my practicum at any other sites except airports/airlines but he placed me at the Department of Tourism and you know what? I'm really surprised because I'm enjoying it, I enjoy the opportunities that comes with working on the government I never thought I will be introduced to some people from the industry and also I'm learning things that only the department can give me and I'm really happy for that :) well I also learned a new hobby and it's really obvious ^^^^^^ I'm really proud of my first origami I actually gave it to my love :D and also I'm planning on doing the senbazuru wish me luck because obviously I really need it n_____n I really need the wish!

btw i miss you panda blog!!!!!!

ps. I missed writing with passion lately I observed that my writing lacks the passion it once have my posts are very random...:(

Thursday, May 27, 2010

au revoir summer!

and that means on the job training for me whew..not that I don't want to experience it but maybe because I've enjoyed my summer escapades this year that's the reason why I've passed my resume late and well you know the rest I got REJECTED from the first practicum site assigned to me..

The reason why I have been such a slob is because of the endless summer outings that my family have planned this summer well according to my tally here are the highlights of my summer I've been to puerto gallera twice XD but barely touch it's pristine waters LOL..went swimming with my highschool batchmates..had another indoor swimming trip with my extended family at 8 waves and white house XD plus a rumor is circulating again in our family that there will be another swimming this saturday watda :))))))))))))))))))))))

anyway I can't blame them for planning so much swimming trips the only culprit is global warming grrr...

nuff of that

I'm also pretty excited and happy of the result of my latest hair dye whatcha think?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

and the results are in...

okay so I was really wishing hard to be recommended at Japan Airlines but as my faith unfolded I will not have my OJT recommendation letter presented to the nihon people but to the malays yeah you read it right I was recommended at Malaysia Airlines in their Makati Office at Ayala Ave. After letting it sink in I steadfastly researched the basic infos about the said airline well If i'm going to spend 300 hours of my time as a trainee there I might as well get to know the company... and I was really impressed when I read some of it I never had the slightest idea that MH is the 6th placer on the top airlines of the world and is also one of the privileged airlines to get a five star status from skytrax and because of that I learned to appreciate this company that was recommended by my professors to be my training ground before I face the real world. I just hope that I will enjoy my OJT there if ever they accept me.

Friday, April 30, 2010

a panda's life uncovered

Isteph's routinary activities since summer started:
  • wake up at 10:30-12:00 -.-
  • watch pops in seoul, america's next top model, flip the channels for movies
  • watch time fly BORED
  • open laptop to surf the net
  • watch korean dramas, movies,music videos via you tube or watch dvds
  • take a bath
  • eat dinner
  • open laptop again with nothing to do but update accounts :)


I wonder where will I take my ojt this semester hmmmmmmmmmm.... :)