Wednesday, May 5, 2010

and the results are in...

okay so I was really wishing hard to be recommended at Japan Airlines but as my faith unfolded I will not have my OJT recommendation letter presented to the nihon people but to the malays yeah you read it right I was recommended at Malaysia Airlines in their Makati Office at Ayala Ave. After letting it sink in I steadfastly researched the basic infos about the said airline well If i'm going to spend 300 hours of my time as a trainee there I might as well get to know the company... and I was really impressed when I read some of it I never had the slightest idea that MH is the 6th placer on the top airlines of the world and is also one of the privileged airlines to get a five star status from skytrax and because of that I learned to appreciate this company that was recommended by my professors to be my training ground before I face the real world. I just hope that I will enjoy my OJT there if ever they accept me.