Thursday, May 27, 2010

au revoir summer!

and that means on the job training for me whew..not that I don't want to experience it but maybe because I've enjoyed my summer escapades this year that's the reason why I've passed my resume late and well you know the rest I got REJECTED from the first practicum site assigned to me..

The reason why I have been such a slob is because of the endless summer outings that my family have planned this summer well according to my tally here are the highlights of my summer I've been to puerto gallera twice XD but barely touch it's pristine waters LOL..went swimming with my highschool batchmates..had another indoor swimming trip with my extended family at 8 waves and white house XD plus a rumor is circulating again in our family that there will be another swimming this saturday watda :))))))))))))))))))))))

anyway I can't blame them for planning so much swimming trips the only culprit is global warming grrr...

nuff of that

I'm also pretty excited and happy of the result of my latest hair dye whatcha think?